MetalMan Movers: FAQ to help & choose a good Moving Company services

Book Your Move

    1. Q. Do I need to pay for move estimate or is it free?
    2. A. Our moving estimates are totally free and the customer is under no obligation.
    3. Q. How soon should I schedule my moving dates?
    4. A. We offer you flexible schedule. It could be a month early or one day day prior to the removal date. However we prefer if you book your moving date two weeks early.
    5. Q. What moving quote will be cheaper: Hourly rate or quoted price?
    6. A. While quoting a price for a removal we consider some unknown factors that may prolong the time of the removal. So we consider the following :
  1. Difficult access or narrow doorways at drop off
  2. Items that need to be dismantled or packed extra carefully in order to be removed safely
  3. Traffic conditions.
  4. Therefore an hourly rate will generally be the cheaper of the two.
  1. Q. Can I re-schedule the moving if it is already booked?
  2. A. We appreciate if you let us know about re-schedule the move as early as could be. In such a case you need to contact the Metal Men Movers & Storage dispatch office for a new pickup/delivery date.

Packing & Preparing to Move

  1. Q.Do you maintain service as moving standard?
  2. A. A separate quotation will be served if you require a full packing and unpacking service. During unpacking by our crew, your items will be placed onto flat surfaces to enable you to place the items at new place.
  3. Q. What are the sizes of your moving vehicles?
  4. A. Most trucks are 50 cubic meters. We also have a range of smaller moving vehicles for small moves or to accommodate locations with difficult access.
  5. Q. Can you move pets to our new location?
  6. A. Sorry for that. We do not transport pets. Ideally, pets and plants travel best in your own vehicle.
  7. Q. How to prepare the kids for a move?
  8. A. It is suggest by the experts that you should discuss the move openly and frequently with your children. And take their advice to pack the toys and their belongings. If possible, visit the new community with your children before the move so that they could be familiar with the new surroundings and neighbour hood . In case there is some special concern with packing of toys then let us know.

During the Move

  1. Q. is it mandatory for me to be present during the pickup?
  2. A. YES. We strongly recommend your presence so that you can identify and make selection with your goods either some goods are staying or are moving.This will also help us to ask you if there is any move related issue. You should be present at pickup and delivery to assist us in the Inventory Process.
  3. Q. What measures you take to protect the furniture?
  4. A. Your furniture is professionally wrapped by our experienced people with special thick moving blankets (this service is included in the price), or crated if needed to be stored, shipped or just be given that extra care.
  5. Q. What you expect from us when the movers arrives at our house?
  6. A. As soon as our Metal Men Movers & Storage team led by a foreman arrive it is suggested that you escort the foreman around your property. This will help him to plan the operation. Let him know if any item that need special care or are fragile and need to be packed in cartons. If you have some priority to certain room(s) to be vacated first, it is advisable that you let the foreman know. He will discuss such issues with his team. If any items needs to stay at your property It would be placed in another room or outside whatever your prefer. After everything is packed, wrapped and loaded, it’s best to inspect your property to ensure that everything is removed. At the beginning of the move you will be requested to sign the removal contract sheet as confirmation that you understand and agree to the terms of removal and that it is to your satisfaction.
  7. Q. Do you provide insurance on the goods? What about parking issues?
  8. A. Metal Men Movers & Storage will provide you with two insurance policies; cargo insurance for all your goods while loading/unloading and when in transit, and liability insurance for both pick up and drop off properties.

Storage Options

  1. Q. Do you have storage facilites?
  2. A. Yes, we can provide you all type of long or short term storage. We have different sizes of storage areas to meet your requirements. Call us for details at 1-855-866-8363.
  3. Q. How are goods stored and for how long?
  4. A. You can store your goods for a short period or as long as you require. Storage is charged on a weekly basis and you will receive an invoice/statement every four weeks depending on your payment option.They are stored within a secure Warehouse, which is alarmed and linked to the emergency services.
  5. Q. Can I get the access to the storage?
  6. A. Yes, we can provide the access depending upon the location. Each location have different hours of operation. Call us for more details at 1-855-866-8363.
  7. Q. Which items are not allowed to store?
  8. A. Flammable items, plants and any open food, such as oils and sauces are not permitted for storage. We also recommend that you refrain from storing jewellery and papers, as this is not covered under Pickfords’ Insurance policy.
  9. Q. How can I pay for moving storage?
  10. A. You can pay us for moving storage by any way like Company Cheque, Credit or Debit Card. Or by means of Direct Debit if you are storing for a long period of time.